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W.R.E.C.K. S.H.O.P. is a Hip Hop movement that is dedicated to uniting, empowering and educating the public through events, cyphers, social media campaigns and charity. Hip Hop is their outlet to express ourselves and increase public awareness of important issues of our time.  Tommy Forge And Solidified Music have had the pleasure of performing and building with Wreckshop movement team.Check them out for upcoming events and Community initiatives.

Their mission is to help provide warm clothing for the less fortunate during the winter months as well as to raise awareness about the amounts of people that are displaced and how to help them. What a better way to start helping than by giving someone the gift of warmth! For every sweatshirt sold, one will be donated to a person at a homeless shelter. They're also accepting donated winter items at their merch station at events.


Starving Artist Entertainment

Starving Artist Entertainment consists of a diverse Hip Hop line-up who dwell deep in the roots of the culture, keeping it as fresh and relevant as it should be. From breaking, graffiti writing, turntablism to MCing, no part of Hip Hop is left out. These Starving Artists understand the struggle and have all come up, after many years of dedication to following their passions while perfecting their crafts. By bringing all points of Hip Hops spectrum to the table, SAE has the unquie ablity to offer music that touches the listener on a personal level and always leaves a lasting impression. A Starving Artist always leaves you hungry for more..